Where love happens

Our home, where we make our beloved products is like our name, surrounded by flowers and love everywhere.

Our factory is located in the city of Campo Bom, in Rio grande do Sul, Brazil.

The people from the south of Brazil, know that this region is famous for many 'traditional' shoe companies - the ones that use leather and don't care much about the environment.

That is why we are so proud of the space we call home.

Our company is small, versatile and surrounded by lots of native greenery, a green paradise in the middle of the concrete jungle. 

Apart from the primary material of our products and the working conditions we give to our staff

We prioritize sustainable practices and zero waste. since choosing the material of our trash bins, even the strategic solar position to save energy and improve the life of our team.

Our Soul

Since our beginning, we dreamed with a peaceful world, fair and full of empathy.

and we understand that the job we chose can potentialize the reality that we want. That is why we created  a company that respects sentient beings and that understands that each form of life, deserves right conditions to live with other beings that we share our planet with.  

We are very proud to have vegan as our main flag.

We are against any form of animal exploitation.

we take responsibility that the process of production will follow the same ideals. We use our platform to stimulate the work of ONGS and institutions that work with the animal cause.

What are our shoes made of

Our middle name is transparency and that is why we are going to do a beautiful  X-ray of all our products. 

Top piece: material recovered from the shoe industry. 
Sole: recycled rubber sole from the shoe industry.

Our causes


Being a vegan brand is to understand that the world needs to change

We live surrounded by automatic actions: we kill, we explore, we eat and we reproduce behaviors.

The famous: if everybody does I can do it too, in Brazil we are between the 15 countries that most consumes animals in the world and that kill the biodiversity.


Urban flowers is a company founded and composed mostly by women. We really see ourselves as urban flowers.

not really associated with delicacy or what is thought to be feminine, but more of the strength and the resilience of flowers.


Sustainability doesn't exist without a strong network and that how we improve year by year our job.

Don't expect perfection because there is still lots of loosing ends when you swim against the current but be assured that we give our best and w all ours energy to produce with the least impact possible.

Like you we respect the process of evolution of each partner, client and friend.

Slow Fashion

We put our feet on the breaks and our hands on the conscious and focus on what really matters: beauty

And don't think its only external beauty, that is also fundamental- but the beauty of a clear conscious.

We don't want to produce eight collection per year, reproduce tendencies that the media impose or harm our partners.

Our certification

Every company is responsible for the waste that is produced

every company is responsible for the waste that is produced or should comply with the residues politics of solids. (PNRS)
proving the reverse logistics of its packaging. Its where the ‘EuReciclo’ (IRecycle) surges, this company do the environmental compensation of our packaging, remunerating the institutions that recycles.

Peta is an international institution (ONG) that fights for the animal rights.

Its vegan by its essence and develops action of awareness, warning about the exploitation of sentient animals .

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