1-click on ‘shop’ on the product you chose
2-you will be redirect to a page for shopping , if you want to choose another product you can go back to the home page, in the menu on the left corner of the page, to finalize your shopping click on the cart picture.
3-in the same page now choose a way of delivery and fill up your details and address , underneath there will be the price of shipment and you will see the full amount of the shopping, so the price of the shoes plus the delivery fee, if you then decode to shop more, all you have to do is to click in the button, keep shopping, if you want to finalize, press on the button ‘finalize shopping’. From the moment you click on finalize order the product stay reserved and they stay in your in your cart, in case you cannot shop or close the page, you can always go back to your account in our page and go to ‘my orders’
4-you will be redirected to the registration page, if you are not registered, fill in the fields on the right hand side, if you are already registered you can just put you email and password to log in and click in enter.
5- you will be redirect to the cart to check, and if everything is ok you can just click finalize shopping.
6- you will then be redirected to a page where you will put the address of the order, fill up the fields and click, next step.
7-now we you be redirect to a page where you will have to fill in the fields where you put the details that will appear in your invoice.
8- then you will be redirected to paypal
9- if you have an account you can just login other wise register.

After the confirmation of payment, we will send the packaging within 15 working days and you will receive a tracking code on the email you registered.

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