Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vegan shoes are the kind of product with no leather, fur or glue and no other material involving animal explotation. We try to constatly discover new materials with low envoirment impact.

In 2008 the researcher, author, consultant and design activist of British Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Kate Fletcher, created this term inspired by the Slow Fashion movement.


She understood how dangerous the mainstrem industry of fashion could be for the society  and decide to support the conscious shopping. Promoting more than a revaluation of the manufactoring process, purchase and discard volume, materials and labor used, as either looking for viable social and economics solutions to revolution the fabric industry.


Slow Fashion is the opposite of Fast Fashion. It left aside the fast manufactoring process, the need to launch many collections per year, the tendencies to use low quality materials with high impact in the envoirment.


The value starts to be related with traceabillity, ethic and low impact.

To buy less and better.


Resignify the industry growth and valorize the consumer experience.

We always recomend to clean with a of wet cloth or a soft brush, water and neutral soap. To not spoil the shoes, do not put on a wash maschine, neither let it soak. Avoid to let it dry in the sun.

It depents wich product. You can see it on the tab above the descripition of the product.

Send us na e-mail to the responsable sector: Your solicitation to change will be analyside and we will return to you.

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