Ecobag ”Planeta Sem Lixo”

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Ecobag 100% algodão, produzida artesanalmente.

A cada ecobag vendida, a ONG Colmeia Vegan vai distribuir dois kits de alimentos cheios de saúde e compaixão para as pessoas em situação de rua na capital paulistana. O kit compõe uma marmita vegana + uma água + banana.

Uma ecobag = 2 pessoas felizes e bem alimentadas.

A ação ficará disponível por 15 dias. Do dia 04/10 até o dia 19/10, e o mutirão do Rango Vegano Solidário, vai acontecer dia 27/10. Com a meta de distribuir 500 marmitas. 


Vegan and sustainable All handmade and without using any animal material . All our products are made in brazil through a fair chain of commerce with collaborators being watched closely. Our shoes are produced in a conscious way, prioritizing the environment with love and care , because we want you to wear our shoes until their end and collect as many memories as you can. Observations: The tone of the recycled soles can very, being slightly darker or slightly lighter. The color of the product can very accordingly to the brightness of your device. Shipment The shipment (20 working days) : our products are handmade with love and care! To minimize the impact to the world and avoid waste, we don’t keep stock, that is why we ask for an estimated time of 20 working days maximum (this estimated time of delivery depends on the product and it is informed on the description.) Time of shipment: the time of shipment is an estimated time that the mail carrier take to arrive to your house. To calculate the total time you need to add the time of the production plus the delivering time.


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